BE WARNED: This is a Process Blog Post.

Here is your all-important BACKSTORY: 

In July, poof! There was no more job that I love (coordinating ongoing content for small businesses). My position and department were eliminated. And I have three wonderful kids that expect to eat regularly. You wouldn’t believe how often they are hungry.

In August, my beloved Papa passed away after a struggle with cancer.

These are the facts.

Behind The Scenes: 

It has felt like most of this year has just been heartbreaking. But, grief isn’t just about death, is it? It is about loss.

What I Preach

How we come through devastation is critical. Our brains and hearts need us to come through changed, yet familiar. To feel and then to move on from feeling. To use negative emotions as fuel. The goal is movement. Evolution.

What I Know

So, anytime I go through a period of profound loss — I am keenly aware that I’m ripe for a Rearrange.

I am actively processing emotions, intentions, why I do what I do, because I know there is much to learn. And that’s why I am here. To learn. To teach. To learn. To teach.

My lovely friend Beth Inglish has inspired me in so many ways. I think the world of her.

She encouraged me to write a “feature” on myself – as if I am the product. A post to profile the awesomeness of me. Things I can’t easily say in a job interview.

This fits nicely into my new life motto: “Show, don’t tell.”

Excited to give this a go. Time to get to work. Check back readers.


Can Kristen call out her own tendency to self-negate in time to deliver a masterfully clever and true profile of herself? Will she face her fears and befriend them? Will there ever be enough money and time? Why are the brownies all gone?

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About Kristen Chapman Gibbons

Loosely connected facts: Storyteller. Curator of a Better Internet. Lifelong Politico. Social Media Maven. Creativity and Empathy Evangelist. Performer. Creator of Content Worth Sharing. Digital Strategist. Former Social Worker. Decade teaching in Higher Ed. Master's Degree in Theology. Married to an Irishman. 3 darling kiddos. Preacher's kid. Appalachian. Music maker. Music devour-er. ENTP. Bohemian. Geeky. Obsessed with thrift stores and all things vintage. Lover of species.

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