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My Plea to My White Friends and Family in South Carolina

June 19, 2015

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If you are friends with me IRL or online, my political leanings are not in anyway hidden or tamped down. They rarely have been. I’ve been opinionated and passionate about politics for almost forty years (true story). There are many of you who do not agree with me politically about very much. Typically, we just […]

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Creating a Space Where There Was None

January 27, 2015


Tenx9 Nashville hosts monthly storytelling events in Nashville and around the world. I am deeply honored to be a part of this community of people. Our motto is an Irish saying, “It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.” The joy, insight and beauty of true stories leaves my heart larger […]

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Lord I Love This Song

September 25, 2014


  “you blow a fuse zing boom the devil cuts loose zing boom so what’s the use wow bam of falling in love…” Bonus: check out a young and goth Norman Reedus in this Bjork video:

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The Creed of the Anti-Materialist

August 25, 2014


Originally posted on bargainpirate:
Having grownup both poor and Christian, (of the “give what you have to the poor or at least more poor than you” variety) materialism never appealed to me. My mother used to joke that we loved the designer “Clear-ance” (*said in faux French accent). This never really bothered me, as none…

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Finding My So-Called Queer Identity in My So-Called Life

August 25, 2014


One of the best shows. EVER.

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Why It’s Okay To Mourn Robin Williams

August 13, 2014


Originally posted on amanda trusty says:
I know, that in this day and age, guilt takes over when we let the Kardashians take over our Sunday afternoon instead of spending time donating to breast cancer research or volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. I know that scrolling Perez Hilton instead of reading about Gaza is enough…

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How People Had Sex Online A Really Long Time Ago

August 3, 2014

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‘Cause I’m Happy to Have Grown Up Watching Soul Train

July 16, 2014


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Nichole Perkins – Once

June 24, 2014


Originally posted on Tenx9 Nashville Storytelling:
Here’s Nichole Perkins’ story about her grandmother from our June theme “Once.” Enjoy.  ? Muh’Deah With Her Hair Down Muh’Deah, my great-grandmother, ate onions and tomatoes like apples.  She pressed money, wrapped in aluminum foil or Kleenex, into your hand as you were leaving her home. She kept candy…

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Before She Was Miss Piggy, This Muppet Went By Another Name

June 24, 2014


Piggy Lee. Wonder if Peggy Lee would be insulted or flattered?

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