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Butch And Proud

July 30, 2014

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Originally posted on The Dish:
Vanessa Vitiello Urquhart explains why she identifies as a “butch lesbian”: In part, it’s because the language of gender identity has always been a bit bewildering to me—I’ve felt hungry, happy, gassy, and anxious, but never male or female. Even so, it has been tempting to interpret my experience in ways that…

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Burlesque Off Broadway: A Trip to My Kind of Circus

July 22, 2014


Last night at Anthem, Burlesque Off Broadway put on a helluva show. From the description of their event:  Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls (18 and older please) step right up and be SHOCKED and AMAZED by wonders your eyes won’t believe, mystified by the beauty that you will behold, amused and enchanted by acts […]

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Tweet of the Day: The Lighter the Color (on the graphic), The More Liberal in the Future Edition #demographics

July 1, 2014


WaPo: Where the median age is getting younger (& older) — Auriandra (@Auriandra) July 1, 2014

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Ginsburg’s #HobbyLobby Dissent | ♫ by Jonathan Mann ♫

June 30, 2014


This may be the only good thing to happen today. I share it with hopes it will give you a little joy in an otherwise dark day.

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Is Feminism Hurt More Or Helped By the Online Activism?

June 27, 2014


Very grateful to be a part of this conversation. And for the record, I think feminism is more vibrant than ever…because the conversation is not confined to academia or traditional “feminist” spaces. Long live Twitter. “There is a rough and tumble and often sharp-edged side, too,” says the US-based feminist blogger and tweeter K C Gibbons. […]

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Methodist Panel Overturns Pastor’s Defrocking

June 24, 2014



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Tweet of the Day: The South…Suddenly not so Red Edition #DemographicsIsDestiny

June 18, 2014


You know how I’m always harping about changing demographics and how liberals in other parts of the country should really quit dogging on the South? Here is why. (Help or kindly STFU). If unregistered black, Hispanic and Asian voters registered, South would look VERY different — ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) June 18, 2014

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#YesAllWomen – Women’s bodies as a delivery mechanism for statements about men’s power.

May 26, 2014


Originally posted on Emily L. Hauser – In My Head:
I ran a slightly different version of this post in March; in light of the weekend’s events, and the subsequent #YesAllWomen responses, I’ve decided to re-up it. ******* source I wrote the above headline as a tweet recently, just after reading about the recent stabbing death of…

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Lift the Transgender Military Ban Now

May 26, 2014


Originally posted on National LGBTQ Task Force Blog:
Transgender people have always served in the the military, and are twice as likely to serve in the military than the general population.  Yet to this day they remain barred from serving openly. The current ban on transgender people is based on military medical codes, which remained unaffected by…

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#YesAllWomen: Why we need to pay attention. Why we need to learn.

May 26, 2014


A view from the sidelines.

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