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Alison Grimes Tears Into Sen. Mitch McConnell — Warren/Grimes 2016

August 6, 2014


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She speaks my truth. And is ain’t always pretty.

August 6, 2014


Whoever made this should have their own monument. 

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Tweet(s) of the Day: The Big Demographics Catch-Up

August 5, 2014


Attention GOP: You cannot win elections this way. You cannot govern this way. And it certainly is no way to make friends. MT @ThePlumLineGS: GOP makeover watch: Poll: GOP seen favorably by 29% Latinos; 25% nonwhites; 33% women; 31% young: — Mike Signorile (@MSignorile) August 5, 2014 Gender, sexuality, and race all trend in […]

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Watch Stephen Colbert Give Great Life Advice to Young Girls

August 3, 2014


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Butch And Proud

July 30, 2014

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Originally posted on The Dish:
Vanessa Vitiello Urquhart explains why she identifies as a “butch lesbian”: In part, it’s because the language of gender identity has always been a bit bewildering to me—I’ve felt hungry, happy, gassy, and anxious, but never male or female. Even so, it has been tempting to interpret my experience in ways that…

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Burlesque Off Broadway: A Trip to My Kind of Circus

July 22, 2014


Last night at Anthem, Burlesque Off Broadway put on a helluva show. From the description of their event:  Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls (18 and older please) step right up and be SHOCKED and AMAZED by wonders your eyes won’t believe, mystified by the beauty that you will behold, amused and enchanted by acts […]

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The Sad, Strange Aftermath of the Conor Oberst Rape Accusations

July 17, 2014


The whole thing is a horrendous shitshow.

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He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)

July 16, 2014


Originally posted on The SisterWives:
Released in 1963. I did NOT make up this post title. I wish I had. *Trigger Warning: Domestic abuse In the history of the world, no one has ever loved anyone the way I loved my husband. I felt that way all the way up until the moment he dislocated…

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Come Hither Orgasms, Lest We Have To Talk About Their Absence

July 15, 2014


Since my dear darling Jessica shared her musings about some of the things that chase her orgasm into deep space, I thought it might be helpful to have an opposite list…things that bring orgasm into inevitability. What she said about truth and disclaimers. 1. Led Fucking Zeppelin. I know. This is likely true of many, […]

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Hobby Lobby, my mother and the many faces of happiness.

July 15, 2014


Originally posted on News from the Front:
-I’m going to have to start this with some very uncomfortable autobiographical material. I’m not crazy about getting this personal. However, my experiences are germane to the topic at hand. My mom had me when she was eighteen. I forget if she was married before or after I…

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