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Henry And June — The Full Film

April 4, 2014


  “I need to know people who are alive Hugo.” — Anais Nin I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this film. Dozens. I became obsessed with Anais Nin when I was about 18. I am still obsessed with her and I am 43. She remains a mystery, a Subject, an Object, a Feminist […]

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Women Who Write

March 29, 2014

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Originally posted on NOLAFemmes:
Audubon Park Labyrinth, New Orleans ? During the month of April, Poetry Month, I’ll be featuring four women poets from Louisiana. They will tell us their writing process, what they read, who they admire, what their favorite words are and many, many other things. They will share a poem with us.…

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Monday Musings otherwise known as Walk(ing) Through The Fire #MondayMusings #equality

March 10, 2014


I found this just now and experienced a level of joy I can hardly contain on my face. So have at it – listen & love & learn the lyrics. The What Was  Being a parent is hard. Being a good parent is harder. Being a perfect parent is impossible. Intergalactic Nemesis Book One — […]

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To Go Further, You Have to Push Harder: Lots of Ways to Branch Out in #Nashville #art #comedy #storytelling #Creatives

March 7, 2014


There is an incredible energy around Nashville right now. The only way I can describe it, is with one word: Yes. It is a city of Yes. The question is…are you a “Yes!” person…someone who is ready to make their passion into a way of life? How do you get started? Get together with like-minded […]

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The Auden We Never Knew

March 4, 2014


Originally posted on The Dish: Unless, that is, you happened to be one of the elderly church ladies he visited, orphans he put through college, or friends for whose medical care he paid. All of these anecdotes and more are uncovered in Edward Mendelson’s new essay on Auden’s “secret life” of generosity and charity,…

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R.B. Morris – The Mockingbird Poems

March 3, 2014


R.B. is a very talented friend from Knoxville, who writes poems and is also an amazing singer-songwriter. Give him some love. He deserves it.

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Ye Auld Traingle — Cat Power, Glen Hansard, The Pogues, The Punch Brothers and More…

February 17, 2014


Since I’m married to a Dubliner, all who reside in our house must know all Irish pub songs on command. This is one of my favorites. Enjoy! And because I really really really like you:  

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A Love Letter

February 12, 2014


A writer analyzes intent, rolls the unknown into a pen, subtracts text that misdirects — this writer stares off. On any given day, I read to write, I tweet to summarize and I share statuses like Jesus shared loaves. Words flow in and out – twist, bend, devolve – and reassemble… unrecognizable. I rebundle them […]

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The ‘Net Takes a Minute – poem by my Hubs, Paul Gibbons

January 8, 2014


The ‘Net Takes a Moment. It is in an ocean, Swirling in a tide. The ebb and flow of questions and searches. They are not Its questions. They come from Outside? Somewhere. The search is not Its quest. The questions, The mediocrity, The essential, The endless millions of questions. A compulsion to search. Impossible to […]

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Sex Goddess Of The Western Hemisphere — Maggie Estep (and the me who loves her)

January 8, 2014

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Sex Goddess by Maggie Estep I am THE SEX GODDESS OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE so don’t mess with me I’ve got a big bag full of SEX TOYS and you can’t have any ’cause they’re all mine ’cause I’m the SEX GODDESS OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE. “Hey,” you may say to yourself, “who the hell’s […]

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