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Tweets Worthy of Display and Fawning

September 24, 2014


Recent savory nibbles from Twitterverse. This sawfish is judging you. — Meredith Frost (@MeredithFrost) September 24, 2014 Halloween is coming. Don’t subject us to this kind of hell. Circus peanuts are some of the weakest candies ever — Misogynique (@MissZindzi) September 24, 2014 In the “Mostly True Department”   Kids wanna be adults, […]

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Tuesday Tunes: Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Rodrigo y Gabriela and Polica — Courtesy of KEXP in Seattle (and plenty of love for other independent, community-supported radio)

September 23, 2014


Three bands that have become instant staples and a salute to the independent and community-supported radio stations. Find the one you love. Shower that sucker with love. It’s the right thing to do. A few of my favorites: WDVX WNCW WFMU Wrecking Ball Radio KEXP Who have I missed? What radio stations do you love? […]

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The Gift of Petty Grievances

September 19, 2014


Originally posted on Knight Stivender's Life In Full:
Thursday night I was the second to last parent to pick up my daughter from the middle school football game because I went first to the wrong school and sat there in the crowded parking lot while I talked to her on her friend’s cellphone, wondering…

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Your Cover for the Day: All About That Bass – Jazz It Up Version

September 17, 2014


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Get Ready to Smile: Dad and Daughter Groove to All About That Bass and It is AWESOME

September 4, 2014


Bonus Feel-good Video:

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Watch “Baby Elephant Plays Hula Hoop With A Ribbon.” on YouTube

September 4, 2014


Baby Elephant Plays Hula Hoop With A Ribbon

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Making Your Own Ice Bucket Challenge and a Tweet to Put It In Perspective

August 26, 2014


I know there are haters. And sure, one can always find ways to criticize the ALS ice bucket challenge. But, what you cannot do is deny it. Having raised north of 50 million, I’m sure that the various organizations helping ALS research and sufferers are just fine being the target of some criticism. One article […]

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The Creed of the Anti-Materialist

August 25, 2014


Originally posted on bargainpirate:
Having grownup both poor and Christian, (of the “give what you have to the poor or at least more poor than you” variety) materialism never appealed to me. My mother used to joke that we loved the designer “Clear-ance” (*said in faux French accent). This never really bothered me, as none…

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Finding My So-Called Queer Identity in My So-Called Life

August 25, 2014


One of the best shows. EVER.

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A Story About Not Taking Your Beef Out On Others

August 23, 2014


Originally posted on The Dish:
by Chas Danner Adam Wade is one of the best storytellers on the planet, as well as the winner of eighteen Moth Story Slams, including this one:

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