September 22, 2015


Revisiting Frida Kahlo’s Style and Cult of Personality

Originally posted on Longreads:
This year marks the 90th anniversary of the traumatic trolley accident that hospitalized artist Frida Kahlo and inspired, perhaps cruelly, her artistic path. Despite her global popularity, there’s still more to learn about this extraordinary artist. For five journalists, exploring the textiles of Frida Kahlo’s homeland gives her rich legacy a new texture.…

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September 9, 2015


You’ve turned 30 again; please tell us what you’ve learned about life this second time.

Originally posted on Dwonna Know What I Think?:
Dear Dwonna: I heard you told your students that you turned 30 again. Please do tell me what you’ve learned about life this second time around. Signed, Tiffany ———————————– Dear Tiffany: Yes, it’s true. I’m one of the lucky few who got to turn 30 again. (I…

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August 25, 2015


Ending Year One

Poverty & the Arts started as a dream to bring community members together. It started as a way to connect Nashville’s rich with Nashville’s poor. It started as space of creativity  for Nashville’s most vulnerable citizens. The language of our mission and programs have changed throughout our time as an organization. Beginning as a community service…

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July 31, 2015

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Kimmy Schmidt, The Bunker and How What Is Wrong With You Can Help Make It Right

Here’s a headscratcher. Sooner or later, it dawns on you that your greatest assets are also your most vulnerable liabilities. It is just true. And one of mine is kind of a superpower with built-in Kryptonite. I am the Great Pretender. On my second re-watch of Kimmy Schmidt, I am struck once again by my […]

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June 25, 2015


Among homelessness and drugs, Shadid Muhammad found himself and a purpose when he found art

Originally posted on Neat Nashville:
Ashshahid Muhammad, 39, originally from Memphis, grew up in the streets for many years, before eventually finding himself through art. At the age of 13, Shadid, as most call him, was involved in a robbery. He was convicted and sentenced to eight years in prison but only served six. He…

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June 19, 2015

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My Plea to My White Friends and Family in South Carolina

If you are friends with me IRL or online, my political leanings are not in anyway hidden or tamped down. They rarely have been. I’ve been opinionated and passionate about politics for almost forty years (true story). There are many of you who do not agree with me politically about very much. Typically, we just […]

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June 18, 2015


What Twitter Taught Me About The Charleston Shootings

Originally posted on The Boeskool:
Last night, nine people died while worshiping in church. The church was Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, one of the oldest black congregations in the country. An unknown man, described as a white man in his early 20’s wearing a hoodie, went into their Wednesday night prayer service, prayed with them…

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June 1, 2015


An Open Letter To All Of My Friends Who Take Selfies

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:
Dear Friends Who Take Selfies, I want you to know that I love it when you post pictures of yourself. I know selfies get a lot of bad press, but I think they’re rad. They give me a little window into your life, and you’d be amazed at how much…

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May 26, 2015


I Remember: The Understory

Originally posted on Tenx9 Nashville Storytelling:
Raise a glass In remembrance of Fire and strip poker and getting away with it, The parents that raised you and the parents that gave you life. Here’s to forest floors and downtown bars To women and their stories, The defiantly political and the depth of the personal. Those…

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