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Kimmy Schmidt, The Bunker and How What Is Wrong With You Can Help Make It Right

July 31, 2015

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Here’s a headscratcher. Sooner or later, it dawns on you that your greatest assets are also your most vulnerable liabilities. It is just true. And one of mine is kind of a superpower with built-in Kryptonite. I am the Great Pretender. On my second re-watch of Kimmy Schmidt, I am struck once again by my […]

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August 3, 2014


Love Beth Hart, love how music can meet you wherever you are…taking you wherever you want to go.

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Abduction Survivor Michelle Knight Forgives Ariel Castro

May 5, 2014


Such a powerful act.

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Love Isn’t Earned — You Have to Claim It

April 1, 2014


I’ve always thought that the sentiment below was a bit bizarre. My brother and I grew up dealing with our family in very different ways. My way was to become a work-a-holic, addicted to pleasing and performing and being extraordinary–even if it almost killed me. I used to tell my brother that my way of […]

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A Yell-y Mommy’s Lament; the I’m a Horrible Mother Edition

November 6, 2013


CTFD. Calm the Fuck Down.  It is a mantra I could’ve used the last two weeks. My husband’s mother passed away in Ireland at 96 – peacefully. He flew home and was gone for 12 days. He made a trip home last December for 10 days, so I assumed my experience would be similar. It […]

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Nigella Lawson, the Epidemic of Violence Against Women and Me. **Trigger Warning for Survivors

June 20, 2013


One in three women worldwide is victim of violence, says the World Health Organization today. Recently, we learned that Nigella Lawson was choked publically by her husband. It triggered some memories for me that I’ve worked very hard to make sense of…and I tweeted about it. The response from folks on Twitter was nothing less than […]

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Ten Things I Learned as a Social Worker That Made Me Better at Life #WithAssistByTracyChapman

June 3, 2013


For almost thirteen years, I mostly made a living being a full-time martyr. Man, does that Cross get heavy. Now that I’ve been out for over a decade, the lightning bolt lessons of that time thwack me across the back of the neck most days. The old ones used to warn, “You got a hard […]

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Depression, Illustrated

May 10, 2013


Originally posted on The Dish:
The brilliant cartoonist and writer Allie Brosh is back, still battling clinical depression and as insightful about the condition as ever: At first, I’d try to explain that it’s not really negativity or sadness anymore, it’s more just this detached, meaningless fog where you can’t feel anything about anything — even the…

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30 Days — Celebrating National Poetry Month — April 27

April 28, 2013



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30 Days — Celebrating National Poetry Month — April 21

April 22, 2013


Small Hand   his act a small hand closing a big door locking it   sobbing out for comfort  while refusing it   tears falling bruising her cheek fierce like a mountain lion she threw all the weight of every lock that rested rusty buckling the door   his terror becoming her own   she […]

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