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Bracing For A Punch: Or Why I’ve Been a Bad Blogger Lately

September 23, 2014


Never Not Losing, Never Not Gaining My body is sore from bracing punches. The near-constant rush of dark waves has left me shrill, wordless and unsure. It seems this year has reduced me to a perpetual defensive position, making any agency seem out of reach. It isn’t just me, although losing my grandfather and my […]

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Why It’s Okay To Mourn Robin Williams

August 13, 2014


Perfect. My wonderful Papa died the same day. I mourn. I celebrate. But, this…THIS is my new mantra: “Art is essential. Compassion is key. Laughter is medicine.” In praise of noble, fully human and kind men…you both raised me well.

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The PTSD Epidemic: Many Suffering, Few Solutions

June 20, 2014


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What Are We Laughing At?

May 26, 2014


I really appreciate this perspective. I also want to be able to laugh at something inappropriate. It is a similar conversation for me as the one currently raging about Trigger Warnings. I can see both sides of the debate clearly and although I care deeply about not causing harm, I also know that we are […]

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The View From Your Obamacare: Mental Health

May 2, 2014


Originally posted on The Dish:
A few readers coalesce around a new theme: My husband and I are both self-employed and work from home, and for the first time, our entire family has health insurance – thanks to Obamacare. My husband was uninsured for years, because he just couldn’t get health insurance that wasn’t exorbitant. In…

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Christmas With Mental Illness

December 18, 2013


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The 10 Stupidest Things You Can Say To A Depressed Person

September 20, 2013



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Nigella Lawson, the Epidemic of Violence Against Women and Me. **Trigger Warning for Survivors

June 20, 2013


One in three women worldwide is victim of violence, says the World Health Organization today. Recently, we learned that Nigella Lawson was choked publically by her husband. It triggered some memories for me that I’ve worked very hard to make sense of…and I tweeted about it. The response from folks on Twitter was nothing less than […]

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Ten Things I Learned as a Social Worker That Made Me Better at Life #WithAssistByTracyChapman

June 3, 2013


For almost thirteen years, I mostly made a living being a full-time martyr. Man, does that Cross get heavy. Now that I’ve been out for over a decade, the lightning bolt lessons of that time thwack me across the back of the neck most days. The old ones used to warn, “You got a hard […]

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Battling Depression Stigmas

May 22, 2013


Originally posted on The Dish:
Mark Brown suggests that glorifying high-achievers with mental health difficulties may be more insensitive than inspiring: Where the inspirational figure is selected for us, and the gap between their life and ours is too great, the effect is not one of encouragement but of disillusionment – especially if their story…

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