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An Urgent Message From My Overwhelmed Brain To Yours: Love Your Amygdala

April 9, 2015

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I really suck at writing for more than 140 characters lately. In fact, I am just doing what I have to do every day, just to get to tomorrow. I am stressed. I could blame Twitter or the pressures of my life (I’m a Social Worker in my day job, have a side hustle or […]

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Your celebrity-like employees: Gauging happiness and anger before they quit

September 17, 2014


Originally posted on psychologistmimi:
Your celebrity-like employees: Gauging happiness and anger before they quit ? As a manager you have to be attuned to the emotional ups and downs of staff. At least the good managers are. Recently, I noted to another manager colleague that I believed certain people were unhappy and would quit. That…

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Making Your Own Ice Bucket Challenge and a Tweet to Put It In Perspective

August 26, 2014


I know there are haters. And sure, one can always find ways to criticize the ALS ice bucket challenge. But, what you cannot do is deny it. Having raised north of 50 million, I’m sure that the various organizations helping ALS research and sufferers are just fine being the target of some criticism. One article […]

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Bullied Kids Up In Arms

May 8, 2014


Originally posted on The Dish:
A new study finds that kids who are bullied are more likely to bring a weapon, such a gun, a knife, or a club, to school with them. German Lopez compiles the findings into the chart seen above: The results aren’t very surprising, given years of warnings from anti-bullying advocates. As Mother Jones points…

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Will Psychologists Go the Way of the Cowboy?

May 13, 2013


Originally posted on psychologistmimi:
Singer Paula Cole asked “where have all the cowboys gone?”, disillusioned that things are not what they had seemed to be at first. Where is my Marlboro man? Where is his shiny gun? Where is my lonely ranger? Where have all the cowboys gone? Yippee yo, yippee yeah What do we…

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Here we are again — Incarceration Nation #EndTheDrugWar #HarmReduction

April 8, 2013

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Here we are again — Incarceration Nation #EndTheDrugWar #HarmReduction This has got to change. And if we paid attention to social sciences, we’d know how to rebuild it in ways that make it far less harmful economically, socially and to countless individuals. End the War on Drugs and lets start being sensible (and inadvertently for […]

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There Is A Reason I Was Obsessed With Her

January 30, 2013

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