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Demographics is Destiny and the Republicans Should Be Quakin’ in Their Boots

March 8, 2014

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Three articles related to demographic challenges for the GOP popped up on my radar this week. The first is this Mother Jones article, “George Bush Lost an Entire Generation for the Republican Party.” It is well worth a read. I don’t think we’ll know the full electoral damage because of Afghanistan or Irag for years […]

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The Rant You Need #governmentshutdown Edition

October 2, 2013


WARNING: RANT AHEAD  Read the last 3 paragraphs. The Republican Party is planning to use the shut down (damn the consequences) and all their cries of “Obamacare ermergherd” are just a way to bash the President (and the ability for people not to be tied to a horrible job just for benefits or find affordable coverage if […]

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The Way Forward — Thoughts on the #WarOnWomen, Moral Mondays, SCOTUS rulings and How We Fight

June 27, 2013


Yes, I’ve been tweeting. Reading compulsively. Talking with allies on Facebook. But, it hit me last night over dinner with fine company, I haven’t really processed all the implications of this week. But, these are my own thoughts about what this week means for those of us motivated by justice, living in Red (or purple – […]

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Tiger Beat of the Potomac

February 7, 2013


Tiger Beat of the Potomac “Look, kidz. You’re being played. There is no sign of moderation in Republican politics.” No truer words ever uttered. The GOP has no intention of moderating. If they try, the Tea Party folks will primary the reasonable ones out. Eventually, they’ll be a 3rd party (and hopefully a 4th), but […]

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Can Rove Hush Up The Tea Party? Um, no.

February 4, 2013


Establishment GOP vs. Tea Party–can the “Conservative Victory Fund” hush up the base? Chris Cillizza offers analysis of Rove’s latest attempt to be relevant after removing all doubt that he is a hack. Cillizza asks if it will work. It won’t work. But, not for the reasons he offers (1. Money isn’t everything and 2. $ […]

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