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Leelah’s Legacy

January 3, 2015


Reach out without judgements.

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Tweets Worthy of Display and Fawning

September 24, 2014


Recent savory nibbles from Twitterverse. This sawfish is judging you. http://t.co/n81hHG6Hnl pic.twitter.com/olPWcFcNYZ — Meredith Frost (@MeredithFrost) September 24, 2014 Halloween is coming. Don’t subject us to this kind of hell. Circus peanuts are some of the weakest candies ever — Misogynique (@MissZindzi) September 24, 2014 In the “Mostly True Department”   Kids wanna be adults, […]

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Lift the Transgender Military Ban Now

May 26, 2014


Originally posted on National LGBTQ Task Force Blog:
Transgender people have always served in the the military, and are twice as likely to serve in the military than the general population.  Yet to this day they remain barred from serving openly. The current ban on transgender people is based on military medical codes, which remained unaffected by…

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Tweet of the Day: Laverne Cox FOR EVERYTHING — She’s already a superhero…

April 4, 2014


  ENDORSE. And I have ZERO objection to Idris being Batman (FTR). Petition to get @Lavernecox to play Wonder Woman. — Ainee Fatima (@Faineemae) April 4, 2014

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Kate Stone: I’m proud to be transgender — but ask me about my work first

March 31, 2014


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Attempted Suicide Rate for Multiracial Transgender People Thirty-three Times Higher than General Population

November 20, 2013


Originally posted on National LGBTQ Task Force Blog:
Racism and transphobia are deeply impacting the lives of multiracial (people of more than one race) transgender people in the US according to a new factsheet co-created by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) and The Trans People of…

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Today in LGBT history (1931) the first identifiable person to undergo gender reassignment surgery, Lili Elbe, died at the age of 49

September 13, 2013

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Today in LGBT history (1931) the first identifiable person to undergo gender reassignment surgery, Lili Elbe, died at the age of 49. She passed away 3 months after her 5th surgery. Lili was thought to been born intersex (having both male and female anatomy) and had lived most of her life as a man. She […]

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Unedited Dialogue: A Trans* Woman And A Willfully Non-PC Man

September 8, 2013


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7 Ways To Be A Trans Ally

July 24, 2013

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Very well-written — We all need to keep leaning (in humility) how to be allies that make things better and not worse. It is a lifelong commitment.

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What does “CIS” gender mean? #lgbt #trans #educateyourself

April 27, 2013


CISGENDER (adj.)Sounds like – Sis-gender Definition:A cisgender person is someone who identifies as they gender/sex they were assigned at birth. For example, your birth certificate says female, and you identify as a female woman. The colloquial use of cisgender suggests that it is the opposite of transgender. If you’re not trans*, then you’re cis (abbreviated form […]

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