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Kimmy Schmidt, The Bunker and How What Is Wrong With You Can Help Make It Right

July 31, 2015

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Here’s a headscratcher. Sooner or later, it dawns on you that your greatest assets are also your most vulnerable liabilities. It is just true. And one of mine is kind of a superpower with built-in Kryptonite. I am the Great Pretender. On my second re-watch of Kimmy Schmidt, I am struck once again by my […]

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An Urgent Message From My Overwhelmed Brain To Yours: Love Your Amygdala

April 9, 2015

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I really suck at writing for more than 140 characters lately. In fact, I am just doing what I have to do every day, just to get to tomorrow. I am stressed. I could blame Twitter or the pressures of my life (I’m a Social Worker in my day job, have a side hustle or […]

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Preaching to the Mirror – Thoughts on Self-Care

January 17, 2014


This graphic came around on Facebook toward the end of 2013 – right in time for those ridiculous New Year’s resolutions we are all thinking about. Immediately I thought, “I should really write a post about what I know about these 12 pieces of advice.” Helping others (with genuine motivation) has always been my biggest […]

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30 Days — Celebrating National Poetry Month — April 21

April 22, 2013


Small Hand   his act a small hand closing a big door locking it   sobbing out for comfort  while refusing it   tears falling bruising her cheek fierce like a mountain lion she threw all the weight of every lock that rested rusty buckling the door   his terror becoming her own   she […]

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Racism and Trauma

April 17, 2013


Originally posted on White Mom Blog:
I saw Tim Wise speak at the University of Washington on April 9 and it was amazing. I’ve watched a ton of Tim Wise videos and read his book, “White Like Me,” but seeing him in person was a different experience. There is something to be said about a person who…

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TEDWeekends asks: Can trauma be a gift?

March 16, 2013


I’ve had my share of trauma. I worked, lived and loved highly traumatized people in many different stages of healing. Some don’t make it. And it isn’t because they didn’t want it or weren’t strong enough. Sometimes the monsters kill you. It isn’t your character alone that determines your ability to transform trauma — context […]

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The Masses & Me

February 14, 2013


Forgive me a personal post. Yesterday, through my own negligence I ended up in General Sessions Court for driving on a suspended license. I genuinely forgot about it, as a lot has been going on the last few months. My job was eliminated at the end of 2012 and suffice it to say–I’ve had a […]

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