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An Urgent Message From My Overwhelmed Brain To Yours: Love Your Amygdala

April 9, 2015

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I really suck at writing for more than 140 characters lately. In fact, I am just doing what I have to do every day, just to get to tomorrow. I am stressed. I could blame Twitter or the pressures of my life (I’m a Social Worker in my day job, have a side hustle or […]

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Tweet(s) of the Day: the #WarOnWhites Edition – Laugh or Cry, the Idiots Care Not

August 5, 2014

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Often, the genius of Twitter is that it can take something odious, aka the hashtag: War on Whites and invert, subvert and divert it in hilarious ways. Here are some good examples: First they came for the white people, and I did not speak out, for no one is coming for the white people, you […]

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Is Feminism Hurt More Or Helped By the Online Activism?

June 27, 2014


Very grateful to be a part of this conversation. And for the record, I think feminism is more vibrant than ever…because the conversation is not confined to academia or traditional “feminist” spaces. Long live Twitter. “There is a rough and tumble and often sharp-edged side, too,” says the US-based feminist blogger and tweeter K C Gibbons. […]

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Tweet of the Day: These Two Make the #FineFelon a Passing Fancy Edition

June 20, 2014


Thanks BeeEssBee. You are doing humanity a great favor by pairing these two fine fellows who happen to not be felons. (I think–wouldn’t care either way to be honest). #LORDT I'm just going to leave these here. pic.twitter.com/nmfNdsWJPr — Beth (@BeeEssBee) June 20, 2014

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Tweet of the Day: Mixed Media Makes Me Happy

June 11, 2014


From "Dance" – embroidered black and white photos by Jose Romussi: http://t.co/IVoyiIUJO4 pic.twitter.com/p6qfznrYPf — Shawn Huckaby (@ShawnHuckaby) June 11, 2014

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Tweet of the Day: Clowns Like Us Edition – I love you @InternetEh

May 21, 2014


From one of my favorite people on Twitter @InternetEh…this cracked me right on up. Clowns are protesting this outfit as cultural appropriation pic.twitter.com/ELz635G8GR — Internet, Eh? (@InternetEh) May 21, 2014  Bonus tweets This one is called "man being slowly engulfed by an avant-garde sofa" pic.twitter.com/w7lHK7Jsps — Internet, Eh? (@InternetEh) May 21, 2014 Get into modeling, […]

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Twitter Is Not Dead Just Because You Are Bored

May 5, 2014


One of the best things about Twitter, is that it can catch a current hidden deep and quickly elevate it to the surface.Twitter is a back and forth conversation between what is happening in the world and those living in it. Recently, that conversation was about Twitter itself…what it is, what it isn’t and HOW […]

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Tweet of the Day: Sunrise in Tweets

May 1, 2014


Sunrise over the United States on Twitter http://t.co/EhmO6RFvkT – @buzzfeed — NewsBreaker (@NewsBreaker) May 1, 2014

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My Week on Twitter Was Better Than Yours #NotAHumbleBrag

April 26, 2014


This week was so kind to me in Twitter Land, that I had to share. Behold the fantastic that is my life on Twitter Favorited by Amy Ray and Alice Munro and retweeted by Armistead Maupin and Elizabeth Cook!. They used to show the RT’s and Favorites when you embed, but now you have to […]

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A Nation Defined By White Supremacy? Ctd

April 8, 2014


Originally posted on The Dish:
It’s been difficult keeping up with the hundreds of emails responding to the highly-charged thread, and even more difficult finding ones that represent the many sides of the debate while moving it forward. But here is our final attempt to best represent the views coming through the in-tray: There is something rich about a bunch…

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