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19 Reasons You Should Hire Me

January 2, 2015


The cover letter/resume combo pack is a tedious relic, providing only the factual framework of a person’s accomplishments and features. Of course, most of the time, this is no indication of whether or not the person will be a good fit for your team. Some of this “fit” is really about identifiable characteristics like “outgoing” […]

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Chasing the Unicorn: How To Make Money as a Writer

June 27, 2014


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Elizabeth McCracken on Humor, Loss, and the Appeal of Broken Characters: “Life Is Full of Bad Jokes”

May 20, 2014


Originally posted on musing:
Heads-up, members of our First Editions Club. When you receive your autographed copy of Elizabeth McCracken’s Thunderstruck & Other Stories, you’ll be taking possession of something rare. Like a solar eclipse, the stories in this book align darkness and light so precisely that they overlap to create something magical — you can see the edges of…

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Forget “Someday” — These Kids Are Writing Novels Right Now

May 2, 2014


Originally posted on musing:
Write a whole novel in 30 days? Sounds like a lofty challenge for anyone — much less for a teenager on summer break. Kristen House, who created the Nashville-based writing program A Novel Idea, says reaching for a crazy-big goal is exactly the kind of challenge today’s young people need. “We believe a healthy dose of passion and a…

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez Saved My Life

April 29, 2014


Originally posted on burns the fire:
Gabriel José de la Concordia Garcia Marquez (March 6, 1927 – April 17, 2014) The man, outside my own, who I have long fantasized about being stranded with on a deserted island, is dead. It wasn’t for the sex. I chose him because I couldn’t imagine a more ardent…

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I’m about to do a Poetry Slam — wherever it is you are. #SpokenWord #NationalPoetryMonth

April 24, 2014


Originally posted on Big Blue Dot Y'all:
Retribution Not Lost  Apostle Lithium Chronicle On Writing

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Being Still Makes Me Dizzy

April 3, 2014


Setting Recently, I went to Townsend, Tennessee (about a mile from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park) and had a bit of a retreat with six women – one I hadn’t met, one I’d only met on Facebook and the rest I’ve known for 15+ years. The cabin was breathtaking and it seems I needed […]

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R.B. Morris – The Mockingbird Poems

March 3, 2014


R.B. is a very talented friend from Knoxville, who writes poems and is also an amazing singer-songwriter. Give him some love. He deserves it.

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The Writer Needs to Use Words Less

August 6, 2013


I’ve never been a visual person. Throughout my life, when tested – I always score off the charts in verbal. That’s always been just fine for me, as I’ve always made a living being a communicator. Some of you know I started a job as a Content Creator, mostly writing blog posts for small businesses […]

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A Dream Comes True

July 17, 2013

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If you haven’t followed my story for long, you may not know that I lost my job teaching at a college in December of last year. I started this blog in January to try and put my unemployment period to good use. I love teaching, but am not interested in pursuing a PhD and this […]

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